Nov 6, 2006

bring a gun, lose your job

The teacher in question brought a gun to campus to protect herself from her abusive spouse. No one got hurt, and the teacher eventually resigned. The ultimate result: Lacey schools are considering making gun toting a firing offense. (Couldn't avoid the pun. Didn't want to.)

When everyone else is debating whether teachers and staff should carry guns to protect students against aggressors, especially since "gun free zone" means "free pass for psychos," it fascinates me that Lacey's debate goes in the exact opposite direction--and fascinates me more that The Olympian article doesn't even consider that angle, and whether Washington's law establishing "gun free zones" is any good.

Oh, and for the record, I keep a plastic sword in my classroom, in case I'm ever attacked by civil war re-enactors.

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