Sep 16, 2006

what I learned at the Cougs game

My wife and I enjoyed WSU's close contest against Baylor in the company of Mr. and Mrs. TRP. I spent the whole time learning. It's what I do.

1. Not everyone has seen The Sopranos.

2. At Mariners games, when the clapping sound effect starts, people clap along, like automatons, until lapsing back into latte-induced stupors, waiting for the digital Hydro Race and the Hat Trick. At Cougars games, no Hat Tricks, no Hydro Races, and nobody claps with the clapper.

3. The innards of Qwest Field remind one of a dairy, a factory. The deconstructionist let's-expose-the-ductwork style looks okay across the street, but at Qwest, the sanitary cream paint and long concrete ramps... not a factory, a meat-packing plant. An abattoir. Suddenly all those beef ads on the jumbotron seem a lot creepier.

4. Watching a football game with a referee gives you a new perspective on the game. Especially when the ref's wife matches the ref snark for snark.

6. More people should sing along with the national anthem.


Josh said...

What was #5?

teacherrefpoet said...

Yeah, what the hell happened to 5?

Was I really that snarky?

Enjoyed the game. I learned that I can coach the final two minutes of a football game better than at least 2 Division I coaches.

Jim Anderson said...

#5 apparently disappeared into a void of nothingness. Or maybe it sailed over the head of the punter, into the end zone for a safety.

Drug rehabilitation said...

"More people should sing along with the national anthem." This is very true!

swankette said...

If you consider that snark, you obviously don't know me very well. ;)