Sep 17, 2006

Thurston County voters' guide: Democrats

Bubble in:

Max J. Heller III. Not just for having a numerical suffix, but for a Bushesque promise to "protect the futures of our children." Bonus points for employing hollow truisms like "Together we can make a difference."

Rick E. Payne. In a time of hollow truisms, only one Democrat has the guts to refuse to submit a personal statement or photo. Vote for the tabula rasa. Vote for Payne.

Tim Sheldon. Kudos to the renegade Democrat for staying on the ballot, even without a party endorsement, thus proving the uselessness of the new primary system.

Dan Venable. Boldly running without an editor. "My wife and I of 33 years have raised three children."

Bob Macleod. Italics for emphasis. Bob Macleod knows that simple, straightforward typography only goes so far. No, really, Bob is a smart guy. "Bob Macleod considers all sides of an issue before making tough decisions."

Gary Warnock. "Our children represent approximately 33% of our population but 100% of our future." I did not know that.

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