Sep 23, 2006

learning how to blog

In a few days I'm teaching a workshop called "Blogging in the Classroom," wherein I will share my accumulated wisdom and experience with members of the CHS faculty, many of them utter novices.

Perfect timing, then, for Joe Carter to re-release his guide to starting a blog, which not only contains some indispensable advice for rookies, but some great links to other blogging how-tos and some reminders for old pros.

I won't be plagiarizing too much from Carter, since his piece is about blogging for fun and profit, whereas I'm more interested in blogging as a forum and an assessment tool. Nevertheless, in the spirit of the enterprise, I owe Mr. Carter props for his quality blogging and thought-provocation, especially when he's at his most irritating. (Which isn't often, unless you're Mumon, and then it's every dang day.)

If you were going to take a class on blogging--especially as a teacher using blogging in the classroom--what would you like to learn?


Gordon Mullings said...

Hi Jim

Great idea!

As I said over at EO, I am watching and will be interested -- I have been mulling the use of blogging to enable "ordinary" teachers to use net technology to deliver education stuff and to create an interactive forum. [I have used web sites, email and eGroups to deliver courses, and find they all have disadvantages. eGroups for instance seem to give a problem as people are typically required to register -- that is often enough to cause a problem out here in the Caribbean. As for trying to teach most folks how to create web pages -- even in WYSIWYG tools, oh boy!]

Thanks again, and maybe we can talk and exchange ideas?


Jim Anderson said...


Our school is fortunate to have in-house software designed by people in the district, but I've also used Blogger to design group blogs.

Registering is a pain no matter where you are, so I always dedicate the first period in the computer lab to logging on, signing up, and just saying "Hello world" on the blog.

I'd certainly enjoy exchanging ideas. Email me at [this blog's title] AT hotmail DOT com.

coturnix said...

I've been thinking for a while now about doing this myself. Blog about your blogging class so we can learn.

Gordon Mullings said...

Hi Again Jim

Thanks for the contact. I will be in touch.