Sep 14, 2006

teaching teachers how to blog

Ever since I joined CHS's English department, I've had a reputation as the technology guy, helping staff with email eccentricities, internet issues, and printing problems. No surprise, then, that I'm the only English teacher who requires his students to blog regularly for mental health and fitness.

After a couple years at it, I've decided to share my knowledge in the form of "staff development," a three-hour workshop two weeks from now. I filled out the requisite paperwork earlier this year, and broadsided the staff yesterday.
Staff Development: Blogging in the Classroom

Or, Everything You Wanted to Know About Blogging, But Were Afraid to Ask

Wednesday, September 27
3-6 p.m., Pod B
Instructor: Jim Anderson

If you want to learn how to immediately increase student achievement using interactive technology, come to the blogging workshop two weeks from today. Topics include...

What is a blog? Can I get one?
How to set up and maintain a blog.
Using blogging as a teaching and learning tool.
Assessing work on the blog.
Appropriate blog etiquette and style.
Blogging outside of class--do's and don'ts.

Learn from an experienced blogger who has incorporated it into all of his classes. Blogging is engaging, relevant, and easy--even for teachers.

To RSVP, or if you have questions, email me... et cetera.
Ten people immediately emailed back to sign up. The strangest reply I received, though, was a simple sentence.

"Is this staff development serious?"


Mark said...

who was that e-mail from. Dickinson?

/bravo for you efforts btw sir.

Jim Anderson said...

Nope. Someone who will not be named.