Sep 1, 2006

high school football: a whole new game

Tonight's the debut of high school football in the South Sound. CHS has completed the switch to 3A, so we face a new set of rivals in the new Western Cascade Conference.
The seven-team 3A Western Cascade Conference, which includes Capital, Clover Park, Lakes, North Thurston, Shelton, Timberline and Yelm, will continue with 7 p.m. starts....

On the other hand, the Spaghetti Bowl will have a different flavor next week because Olympia and Capital no longer play in the same league. While the schools will still play each other - and games will still be intense - the pressure to win to keep postseason hopes alive won't be the same....

Capital has new regional rivals in Timberline, North Thurston and Shelton, and River Ridge will see familiar foes outside of its own school district.
I haven't even bothered to figure out who our new rivals in speech and debate are. Not that it really matters.

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