Nov 4, 2006

Capital High School football results

Throughout the season, I'll update and re-post this one, so I can keep track of our team's progress in the new conference.

Update 9/14/2007: For current results, click here. (That includes every season after 2006.)

Friday, November 3
Capital 10, Foss 7. Unknown score. Barry McKinnon's last game. News-Tribune says 10-7, but I can't tell if that's an update or the final score. The Olympian has nothing. Update: The News-Tribune is right. Final season record: 3-7.

Friday, October 27
Capital 16, Shelton 43
While the debate team toiled at Gig Harbor, the football team took a thrashing from Shelton, who was gunning for a playoff spot, while Capital played for pride. Necessity always wins.

It was a tough season, especially for a program reeling from injuries and inexperience, especially in a new conference. At least we have one thing to look forward to, as autumn dies into winter: a fresh, hepped-up debate team. Go Cougs!

Friday, October 20
Capital 12, Yelm 28
A similar, bitter pill this Friday night, as the Cougars were handled by playoff hopeful Yelm, home of the Ramblin' Ramthas. Yelm scared up a healthy dose of woo, limiting the Cougars to two touchdowns, with fumbles and interceptions shutting down any hope of a contest. Now 2-6, Capital has been outscored 259-142, giving up over 32 points on average.

Friday, October 13
Capital 7, North Thurston 34
The Cougs' slim playoff hopes evaporated Friday night, as T.J. Su'a and Kaleb Warner racked up nearly 300 rushing yards against a CHS squad decimated by injuries. Capital can still make it to .500 in conference, with two road games remaining. It's going to be a long off-season.

Friday, October 6
Capital 0, Lincoln 47
We can all be thankful it was non-league. Roman Pula, as expected, tore it up, scoring two touchdowns and netting nearly 200 yards. The loss came down to turnovers, though: two interceptions and four fumbles doomed Capital's efforts.

Our upcoming opponents--North Thurston, Yelm, Shelton--aren't exactly stellar, so there's a slim chance we could still make the playoffs.

Friday, September 29
Capital 46, Clover Park 20 (There seems to be a score discrepancy; see the comment below. Also, Tacoma's paper puts it at 45-20.)
A couple of names I recognize: former students Blake Edwards and Tommy Winslow played key roles in a romp over the Warriors, while Evan Pettie was the only starter in the backfield untouched by injuries. It's a good win, even over a non-powerhouse like Clover Park, and our first in the new conference.

Up next, though, is a nonconference match against a strong Lincoln squad, powered by last year's Narrows League leading rusher Roman Pula, who had a 70-yard punt return and five TDs against traditional pushover (and wife's alma mater) Foss.

Friday, September 22
Capital 21, Lakes 45
Capital's rude welcome into a tough 3A conference continued this Friday, as high-ranked Lakes brought a balanced attack to Ingersoll Stadium, overpowering the Cougs' defense. As they often do, Capital rallied in the second half, but too late to catch the Lancers.

Now 0-2 in conference, the Cougs might shake things up to salvage their playoff prospects.

Friday, September 15
Capital 28, Timberline 30
After dominating the first half, Capital appeared poised to walk all over the Blazers, coming into the third quarter with a 28-0 lead. But, like Olympia a week before, Timberline struck back with 21 quick points, eventually coming all the way back by blocking a field goal for a touchdown, and kicking the game winner with less than a minute left. A last ditch effort led by quarterback Evan Pettie fell short, and the Blazers sent the Cougs packing.

Word on the street is that our schedule isn't going to get any easier, as some tough, experienced 3A teams look to take down a rookie CHS squad.

Friday, September 8
Capital 14, Olympia 49
When we were driving to the game, the score was 7-7. When we arrived, it was 21-7, and the deficit would only grow larger. The Cougars were overmatched by an impressive O-line and the fleet feet of Casey Sherwood, who netted 161 yards as the Bears captured the 30th annual Spaghetti Bowl title.

At least it wasn't a league game. The loss comes at a good time, hopefully forcing our (young, inexperienced) squad to work harder against their smaller opponents. Watch for Olympia at state this year.

Saturday, September 1
Capital 14, Black Hills 6
Why the win was even more tenuous than the score lets on:
Black Hills drove to the Cougars' 28-, 20-, 20- and 10-yard lines on its first four possessions but came away with zero points. The Cougars' Geoff Johnston intercepted a Schuetz pass at the 1 to end the fourth drive....

Black Hills played without seven suspended players. Starting quarterback Chris Dixon was suspended for violating team rules. Backup quarterback Kyle Shaner didn't play because of a strained hamstring.
We'd better gear up before the Spaghetti Bowl next weekend, or we'll get thrashed by a lively Oly squad that devoured Tumwater.


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10-7 was the final score after a thrilling/horrifying last three minutes. I can't find any stats but there were probably over 200 yards of penalties in the game. Foss players are dirty and nasty.