Aug 21, 2006

Wolfmother: the new Jet

Dear 107.7 The End,

Rattle this around in your skull for a few minutes, until you hear the sound of maracas.
You know that you're a woman
You got to be a woman
I got the feeling of love

When you're talking to me
You see right through me
I got the feeling of love

She's a woman
You know what I mean
You better listen
Listen to me
She's gonna set you free
"You got to be a woman." Why does this have the ring of desperation? Is her femininity in doubt?

"I got the feeling of love." Not love, mind you, but the feeling of love. Like the bloating of gas.

"She's a woman / You know what I mean." What else could he possibly mean?

"She's gonna set you free." Ah, she's an appeals attorney. A powerful woman is mannish. This is all some kind of veiled antifeminism.

Granted, this hackneyed tripe very nearly rhymes, and the accompanying guitar work reminds one of sloppy Queens of the Stone Age. But please, for the love of music, stop playing Wolfmother.

Oh, and Keane, too, while you're at it.



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