Aug 21, 2006

geese = statuary

It baffled me until I discovered the embedded meaning, the deep underlying logic.

Try it for yourself. Play along!

1. Reese's =
2. John Cleese =
3. cheese =
4. Edwin Meese =

For answers, click "read more" or scroll down.

1. Reese's = zythepsary
2. John Cleese = arbitrary
3. cheese = lachrymary
4. Edwin Meese = consuetidinary

[115th in a series]


Anonymous said...

I'm lost. Give up. Must be stupid, I guess...

Jim said...

Don't beat yourself up over it. That you even tried is a sign of your above-average intellect.

Anonymous said...

Is this numerological? Or etymological? Or associative? I've wasted hours on this, and I feel even more stupid than before.

Anonymous said...

No, really -- what kind of puzzle is this? If you'd given me the first four terms of this puzzle, I still can't see how you get the fifth (Meese) to work out. What sort of transformation leads from the one to the other?

Hours, man. I've spent hours on it.

Jim said...

Honestly, I had no idea it strike such an obsessive chord. Except for the -eese and -ary ending, there's no "real" association. It was tongue-in-cheek, like many others in the series. I feel bad, now, knowing you've wasted your time. If you did find anything useful, you're even smarter than I thought. (By the way, it's tough to apologize to someone anonymous.)

Anonymous said...

Jason Kuznicki of Positive Liberty here. And don't feel bad, my partner's been out of town this week, so I've had lots of time to kill.