Aug 18, 2006

random photos from our recent trip to Canada--with captions!

In no particular order. Click "read more" to see all ten.

This is what you see from the window of a second-floor room at the Banff Boundary Lodge. That is, if you can't focus past the screen.

I like clouds. Do you like clouds? I like photos of clouds almost as much as I like clouds.

Photos of clouds over the Columbia Gorge are even more likable.

Once in a lifetime your old, cheap, crappy digital camera is fast enough to catch a unique photographic moment. Call it a Fuji femtosecond.

Two cloud photos deserve another.

It's raining money, hallelujah.

By the time we drove six miles from the fire, the smoke had billowed into the heavens, blocking out the sun in an apocalypse over Drummond--a ghost town that survived the end of the world at least a decade ago.

Art is its own justification.

Taxidermy is its own reward.

Rainier from the Ryegrass Rest Area.
"What we call the beginning is often the end...."

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