Aug 19, 2006

paper, cotton, or cottonmouth?

A movie that tries so hard to be good (like, say, Windtalkers) is infinitely worse than a movie that tries so hard to be bad (like, say, Snakes on a Plane). The former ends up excruciatingly bad, while the latter swings from mediocre to brilliant.

How do I know?

Last night the wife and I enjoyed steak and seafood at Ricardo's, and an evening's entertainment at Lacey Cinemas, courtesy of the reptilian slaughterfest mentioned above, all in celebration of our second--or, sort-of-first*--anniversary. This morning, as I type, my wife is watching Windtalkers, which is a disgrace to cinema. Sample nostalgia bit: "This pretty thing, Molly, came up to me... she was having a wienie roast.... now I'm over here roasting human beings."

If you want a good-bad double feature, wait 'til SoaP comes out on DVD, and watch it along with Slither. Or triple it up by concluding with Shaun of the Dead, better than both.

*For our first anniversary, we got re-married in a public ceremony. The real deal was family-only.

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