Jul 31, 2006

distance from July

When the events have faded out of immediacy and into history, maybe then I'll publish something about this craziest of months, a tangent wave of joys and sorrows and busted dreams. I have been an observer, suspended in an awkward space between sympathy and objectivity, never quite comfortable with either, frustrated by my inability to do anything but offer a few words, hold my wife's hand, and try to "be there" as her side of the family has been wracked by tragedy.

Distance from July, though, comes in a few short hours. The other side of the family will begin its journey to Alberta tomorrow, and the wife and I are included.

For now, this blog is grinding to a pause. While I'm gone, visit all the links on the sidebar. You'll be glad you did. If I get the chance, I'll say hallo from Hanna.

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