May 8, 2011

blogging by request

Recently my life outside of decorabilia has become, paradoxically, both simpler and more complex, and I'll write about it when I'm ready. Until then, my blogging is going to be a little less debate-heavy than usual, a little more locally focused, and a lot more sporadic.

Casual readers and passers-by might not even see a difference, but some of my more ardent fans may have already noticed the changes, especially when it comes to debate-blogging.

I'll still provide the same level of quality, excellence, and customer service. Not getting the blogging you need? All you have to do is ask, either via comment or email.

And yes, I have a life outside of decorabilia. Promise.


Anonymous said...

Could you post of what the Kritik is and Biopower?


Jim Anderson said...

I've written about kritiks (in LD) here. Biopower is a particular kritik based on Michel Foucault's philosophical approach to society and the State--that the modern State is an entity that can control humanity via control of the human body. You can see a sample biopower kritik (written for policy debate) here.

Anonymous said...

What is the Morality K? And could you provide some evidence and a example from a resolution from the season of 2010-2011

Jim Anderson said...

A kritik of morality is usually based on Nietszche (Google "morality kritik" for an example). The upshot is that the Aff promotes universal morality, and philosophers destroy human freedom / go out of their way to kick puppies.

It'd be pretty easy to run the morality K with the universal human rights resolution, since universal human rights is (obviously) a universal moral standard.