Feb 23, 2011


Snow day good: breakfast anytime.

Snow day bad: the McDonald's parking lot is a skating rink. As much as I love McGriddles, I'm not risking life and limb. (Limb, anyway. I'm sure the saturated fat and syrup-baked crust is killing me softly.)

Snow day good: time to catch up on grading and planning and blogging.

Snow day bad: no Powerful Teaching and Learning session at LP Brown. Sub plans written in vain.

Snow day good: no need to dress up.

Snow day bad: can't show off a brand new tacky tie.

Snow day good: Netflix Instant has Arrested Development in hi def.

Snow day bad: Netflix Instant has Arrested Development in hi def.

And yeah, I'm calling it: tomorrow will be a snow day.

Update: Two-hour late start. Yes, you may thank me for this jinx when we don't have to spend an extra school day in late June.

Update Update: and then, at 7:47, the District reversed itself and canceled school. I wasn't surprised, given that I had already driven across town, including a harrying trek up the Yashiro Bridge, past the poor guy who had spun out and was now calmly smoking a stogie while awaiting help, and up the hill, thankful for front-wheel drive and traction control, and cursing myself for braving the snow and leaving earlier than I should've.

Also, for the reverse jinx: You're welcome.

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