Jan 27, 2011

checking the democracy barometer

Wishful--I mean, political--scientists have invented a democracy barometer.
The barometer uses 100 empirical indicators to measure how well a country complies with the three democratic principles of freedom, equality and control as well as the nine basic functions of democracy. The comparison of thirty established democracies between 1995 and 2005 has revealed that Denmark is leading the way, followed by Finland and Belgium.
Theory: it's not just metaphorically about climate. Look at the top nine:
Denmark ... 88.3
Finland ... 87.7
Belgium ... 85.1
Iceland ... 83.5
Sweden ... 82.9
Norway ... 82.1
Canada ... 79.4
Netherlands ... 79.0
Luxembourg ... 75.2
Those are some pretty cold climes, relatively speaking. But one thing is indisputable:
USA ranks 10th, behind Canada at 7th place
Envy on, enviers.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised we're that high.

Jim Anderson said...

Well, if my theory is correct, we have Alaska to thank for that.

Anonymous said...

Nearly all of these are democratic socialist countries....interesting.

Anonymous said...

By Alaska, do you mean Sarah Palin? And what's with the new picture?

Kyle said...

Hey Jim

I was wondering if you could post a post on the due process AC


Jim Anderson said...

A., yes, that was a subtle Sarah Palin joke. And the new pic is per reader request. Apparently some people get sick of seeing the same thing year after year. (I, on the other hand, value consistency and reliability.)

Kyle, do you have any particular questions on the Due Process AC? That would help me lay out my approach.

Kyel said...


No I just need an insight overall of what to run and that can only be done with a good coach and you fit my need


Sheila said...

Well Mr. Anderson, I think sometimes it's better to value the inevitability of change and spontaneity, over consistency and reliability in order to ensure that we are not stuck in the past and therefore outsmart those who stuck with the norm in the future. I like the new pic! :D

Jim Anderson said...

Kyle, I threw some thoughts together here.