Oct 8, 2010

Capital debater to have breakfast with Biden

Cameron Seib, a leading debater for Capital High School, will dine over hash browns and coffee with the talkingest politician who ever talked, one Vice President Joe Biden.
“I think it’s a great opportunity,” said Seib, 17, of Olympia. “You don’t get too many chances to meet such important people, and I’m definitely excited that not only is he coming to Seattle, but I get to meet him as well.”

The teenager was invited to the political fundraiser by 3rd Congressional District candidate Denny Heck. He spent the summer volunteering for Heck’s campaign.
Biden's in the region to stump for Patty Murray, who's hoping for a campaign that goes the way I like my eggs: over easy.


Nancy said...

That is great Jim! Congratulations to the debater and his coach!

Jim Anderson said...

I'm pretty sure I had little to nothing to do with it, but thanks anyway on Cameron's behalf.

Anonymous said...