Sep 21, 2010


Whoa. Somewhere, six days disappeared into the ether. In the blogging cosmos, that's as close to the infinite asymptote as I dare reach.

Which is to say, school has filled up much of the meager time I normally would reserve for blogging. But as soon as I finish constructing lesson plans, contacting parents, writing six letters of recommendation, and updating my five (or is it six?) school-based blogs, I'll return to your pressing questions about the morality of nuclear weapons.

And while you're waiting, read this, and realize that your--and my--complaints are trivial.


Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity, do you know around when you'll start posting again, so I won't check your blog every day?

Jim Anderson said...

I actually have an idea in the pipeline that I'd like to have posted by tomorrow. Thanks for asking.

Also, in a little under a week, the new LD resolution comes out. Just at the right time. I'll be pretty blog-busy around then, I imagine.

Jim Anderson said...

I should add that I'm continuing to answer all comments and emails as they come in. If you have a question or idea for a post, send it my way, and I'll feature it as soon as possible.