Sep 9, 2010

and a minor in histrionics

Phil Davison presents What Not To Do When Speaking: overwrought death glares, awkward pauses, misquotations, rambling, and, more than anything else, shoutiness. Warning: mimicking Davison's style may lead to bouts of dizzying ineptitude.

(Yes, I had to check to make sure that Davison is legit, and not a performance artist.)

Makes Jan Brewer sound like Cicero in comparison.

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Anonymous said...

Albert Einstein issued one of my MOST! FAVORITE! quotes, in the history of the SPOKEN! WORD!, and IT! IS! AS! FOLLOWS!

In the middle of OPPORTUNITY!! oops..
In the middle of DIFFICULTY!! lies opportunity..

That is now one of my favorite quotes jaja.. but only when taken in its new context.