May 25, 2010

"I am not a hippie."

Now that I have a wire brush two-week beard, I am constantly reminded of this classic Stranger feature on Robin Pecknold of the post-post-folk band Fleet Foxes.
"I am not a hippie," says Pecknold, sitting in a coffee shop along with his four bandmates four days after they announced signing to Sub Pop. Pecknold pulls at his frizzy, brown, shoulder-length hair.

He says, "I might look like a hippie, but I actually have much disdain for hippies."

This is funny coming from a guy who wore a floppy brown hat during Fleet Foxes' set five months ago at Bumbershoot. It was big and goofy, like something John Lennon would've worn. Pecknold is not wearing the hat now, but he still has a full Jesus beard to go with his long Jesusy hair. He's wearing layers of clothing (a coat, a scarf, a sweater, a shirt) because it's literally freezing outside, as well as one colorful fingerless mitten (he lost its mate). The tips of his fingers are calloused from constant guitar playing. He looks exactly like a hippie.
Pecknold's disdain--which I don't share--is ideological, and you should click through to find out why. And if you haven't discovered Fleet Foxes' blend of mountain melodies and Beach Boys harmonies, you ought to.

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