Feb 21, 2010

one meeeelion pageviews

Sometime later today, or early tomorrow, this blog will hit a million pageviews.

It's hard to believe.

For big blogs with multiple authors and a frenetic amount of blog-izing, that's nothing, but for a hobby site that started and stayed free--and free of ads--I think that's pretty good. I don't know how many millions of anything I've acquired in life, but soon I'll be able to say, "If I had a dollar for every pageview..."

Thanks, readers, especially those from the world of speech and debate, who pushed this site up the Google rankings and turned me into an accidental expert on everything Lincoln-Douglas. And thanks, searchers, for being so weird, and turning me into an accidental expert on everything random.

Now, on to the next million.

Update: A reader from Torrance, California, is our number one million.


M.T. McLaughlin said...

I better start commenting more so that, some day, I can make the millionth comment.

Oh wait! I can just spam your blog!

Syukii~ said...

:D Congratulations!

Nancy said...


HDuffy said...

Wow! You're awesome, Mr. Anderson! Congratulations!

Jim Anderson said...

M.T., nothing but love, man. Nothing but love.

Syukii, Nancy, and HDuffy, thanks. Although I'm sad to say that none of you is number 1,000,000.