Jan 30, 2010

your homework, due April 4th

Baseball websites are bursting at the seams with statistics of every stripe. (Yes, I went there--twice.) And now, remarkably, you can find a series of the web's best intros to the various methods of sabermetrics all in one place.

Now you have no excuse.

[via Dave Cameron]


Anonymous said...

so am I now permitted to bet on sports?

Jim Anderson said...

Legally? Depends on where you live. (Probably not.) Morally? Depends on which ethicist you ask. (Probably not.) According to me? Absolutely not. (I'd think this kind of information would make people less likely to bet. Past performance is no guarantee of future results; most wagering involves one-offs, while statistics are about long term trends.)

In other words, don't bet on sports.