Jan 10, 2010

it was the best of jobs, it was the worst of jobs

"Teacher" isn't in the top 50, but "Parole Officer" is. "Teacher" sits at 116, sandwiched between "Office Machine Repairer" and "Sewage Plant Operator." Make your own punchline.

("Philosopher" comes in at number 11, right after "Dental Hygienist," and just before "Meteorologist.")

[via Xeni Jardin]


Paul Hamann said...

Every time I took a career interest survey as a kid, it came back dental hygienist. I declined since I don't want to put my hand in people's mouths. I guess I should have listened.

Jim Anderson said...

I won't spoil the number one slot for readers who haven't seen the list, but I will say that I find it... counterintuitive. (And once you've seen the list, you'll realize the stagnant depths of that atrocious pun.)

Nancy said...

I find it hard to believe that parole officer is ahead of teaching. Must be there is a wage differential?

Jim Anderson said...

The methodology is here.