Oct 12, 2009

today's vaccination links

The Nov/Dec LD resolution, "Resolved: Public health concerns justify compulsory immunization," couldn't be more topical.

You're all over the CDC's website, right?

Swine flu vaccines are ready. But not everybody wants one--for themselves, or for their kids.

How distrust of swine flu vaccine unites right and left.

It doesn't help when journalists get the facts very, very wrong.

Something to think about: let's say smoking is a public health concern. Does that justify compulsory anti-smoking vaccinations?


IdahoDebater said...

I found this in particular to be a great read: 13
Vaccination Mandates: The Public Health
Imperative and Individual Rights

Jim Anderson said...

That link won't work for me; if you're in the same boat, IdahoDebater is referring to this article [pdf].