Sep 24, 2009

is this swine flu?

I'm sitting at home, congested, sore-throatish, achy. Most important: I am at home. I am not teaching today. I'm keeping my germs in the family.

I have my principal's permission. Via email:
We are experiencing several students coming to the health room with flu-like symptoms and we are sending them home.

The health department asks that students who have a fever be kept home for 24 hours after the fever has subsided without the aid of medication. (like Tylenol or Advil)...

In addition, even though educators hesitate to miss school, even when sick, we would like teachers to make sure that you have sub plans on file, stay home if you are ill and follow the same 24 hour fever free rule. Please do not come to school to bring in sub plans, but phone a colleague or email them to us. It is important that we also look out for our staff.
Last night's fever was mild-to-medium, and this morning's congestion was medium-to-spicy.

Perhaps it's swine flu, or perhaps it's just a nasty rhinovirus. Either way, I'm sitting at home.


Nancy said...

I totally empathize....

Aaron Whiteman said...

If you were here at WSU, you'd be classified as H1N1. Basically, after they tested the first few and the all came back positive, the health dept stops testing and assumes anybody that has flu-like symptoms at this time of year, and is young and healthy has swine flu.

For most people, it's a pretty mild version, as influenza goes.