Sep 11, 2009

Capital loses Spaghetti Bowl heartbreaker

In a game that seesawed so fast I got whiplash, Capital eventually fell to the Olympia Bears, 35-28.

With four minutes left and the scored locked at 28-all, it appeared that the Cougars might have the moxie to muster another grueling drive, just like Tyler Sundberg had ground out in the 3rd quarter.


This time, Sundberg fumbled, and Olympia recovered, racing all the way back for the winning score.

I couldn't believe it. From where I stood, it appeared that the ball had popped loose when Sundberg's elbows hit the ground--in which case, he was down, as the ground can't cause a fumble. But the refs saw something different, and that was that.

What a game. What a great, great game. We came so close.

Next year.

Update: The Olympian's writeup is available. Judging from one of the comments, I'm not the only one who thought Sundberg's "fumble" wasn't.

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