Aug 13, 2009

today's health care links

I had been working on a great big post about medical ethics and the health care debate--which, at least on the television, is more like the battle of Talking Points vs. Shouting Points. But in my research and reading, I kept getting sidetracked by more and more links of interest, so for now, I'm taking the cheap way out, and letting you experience the fun for yourself. (The medical ethics piece is still coming, promise.)

1. Debate about the debate: Jesse Walker on various shades of Astroturf.

2. Similarly, David Harsanyi on who really controls the conversation.

3. Oh, you mean you actually want to compare reform proposals?

4. What Obama's grandmother has to do with the debate.

5. Hopefully, you'll never have to battle your insurance company for coverage.

6. How to put a price on life.

7. When the health care debate pits brother against brother.

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