Aug 3, 2009

Saint Helens in late summer

Today Melissa and I drove to Mount Saint Helens via the Hwy 504 entrance, headed to the Johnston Ridge Observatory.

Pictures were taken from the observatory and nearby trails.

The observatory / apocalyptic bunker in question.

"The Message of the Mountain," the cheesy yet entertaining video that the Observatory features every half hour, and which desperately needs some updated computer graphics, said that in the immediate blast zone, trees as large as 8 feet in diameter snapped like twigs.

What might you see when you're not gawking at the volcano.

Free the dandelions.

Look closely to see the peak hiding in the background.

The professional (that is, the one with the fancy camera) at work.

Along the Boundary Trail, a short walk from the Observatory (or the parking lot).

A memorial to those who perished in the blast.

The observatory as seen from the Boundary Trail.

One last look.

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