Aug 30, 2009

keep it fresh

For the first time in eight years of teaching, I will have the same schedule for the second year running. In the seven years prior, not only were my classes mixed up every year, but I had at least one class that I'd never taught before.

So, how am I handling the opportunity to, for once, enjoy the comfort of a cadence?

By taking on more responsibility, of course. Last spring I was elected Department Coordinator, which promises to be both mundane and exciting in equal doses. (I hear that a blog-neighbor who will not be named has also answered the call.)

But that's not enough. Let's see... how about... a student teacher?

Done and done. We've already met and started planning for the first few weeks, when we'll teach in tandem, until he's comfortable enough to steer the ship on his own.


TeacherRefPoet said...

I had a student teacher back in '05. Not sure I'll do it again. If the student teacher is good (as mine was), it's actually boring for the teacher. If the student teacher is lousy, the year might be shot.

Stidmama said...

It has been (as long as I have been a parent) since I had the same schedule even month to month... enjoy your year!