Jul 6, 2009

Fourth at the Fort

I spent this year's Fourth of July with some of my favorite people at one of my favorite places, Oregon's Fort Rock. From our campsite at La Pine State Park, in two cars, eight family members rode roughly fifty miles in late morning sunshine, ready for a hike in the heat at the geological oddity that rises out of the desert like a... fort. As you can see.

While I was scouting a route up the right side--and not finding one amenable to the less daring / foolish members of the group--others hiked around the base.

A pocket gopher makes a rare appearance atop the formation.

The lizard asked if I was going to blog the photo, and I said not if he didn't want to, and he shrugged and said no biggie.


If you're into the easy way, when you start up the trail to the interior, head left toward the path you can see snaking up the side. If you're into the hard way, good on you. You're gonna love Fort Rock.

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Matthew Anderson said...

ah, the memories.