Jun 6, 2009

too long for Twitter

1. If you tell a class full of skeptical students that MGM once produced a movie about killer rabbits, few will believe you. When you tell them it was titled "Night of the Lepus," no one will.

2. The hitter in the 4th spot should never, ever try to bunt for a base hit with no outs in any inning ever. Especially if that hitter is slow as a refund check. (And especially if that hitter has homered in a previous inning.)

3. I like Sprint's "What if film crews ran the world?" commercial. Favorite part: when the bride nixes the rain and the F/X guy says, sadly, "No rain, no rainbows..." It's the world's shortest theodicy.

4. If you wake up to a clock radio dialed into NPR's Morning Edition, don't be surprised if your dreams in the wee hours of the next morning are a social commentary on the problems of homelessness.

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