Jun 8, 2009

today's nerdy links

1. Why does a curveball appear to curve far more than it actually curves? This clever animation shows the illusion involved. (Via NewScientist.)

2. Exploring the religious roots and impulses of John Rawls' work.

3. A contrarian's take on the-internet-is-killing-us, from Benjamin Kunkel: "I'm eager to stick up for casual and often vulgar online writing and culture as long as I'm not forced to defend them in grandiose terms."

4. How to turn a guesstimate into an estimate, by crowdsourcing your own brain. [via Mark Frauenfelder]

5. Is Ross Ohlendorf the Greg Maddux of his generation?

1 comment:

Matthew Anderson said...

Thanks for linking to the Rawls piece. I have been engaged in an enormous conversation about Rawlsian liberalism arguing that it is the sort of 'totalizing worldview' that we're not supposed to legislate based upon. That article hints in that direction.