Jun 16, 2009

six and done

My sophomore Public Forum team didn't break. I'm proud of them, though, for merely getting this far--especially for sophomores with fewer than 20 PuFo rounds between 'em, and despite having debated only five rounds together before Nationals. Next year they'll be back, more confident, better prepared, and better versed in the event. They've already seen ten times the competition that we have back home, and they're wiser for it.

Their tournament is done. As for me, I have judging obligations through Thursday's semifinal round. Which means that tomorrow, I'll...

1. Wake up at six, clean up, eat breakfast.
2. Drive over to Spain Park HS to judge the 8:00 PuFo round.
3. Pick up tickets to Alabama Adventures for some of the the Western WA crew.
4. Drive back to the hotel to deliver tickets, and then shuttle students to Alabama Adventures.
5. Leave students there, since my day of judging isn't done.
6. Drive back to Spain Park to judge the 2:00 round.
7. Drive back to the hotel.
8. Try not to be jealous.

Somewhere in that time, the Cuban embargo will have been lifted, diplomatic relations restored, the Cubans freed, and the Castro regime exiled in embarrassment.

Or vice versa.


Stidmama said...

We are so very proud of our sophomore stars! And pleased that you-all are weathering the June weather. Will you convey our family's best wishes to the PuFo team?

Anonymous said...

I think you'll find that highly is used quite often in the HPIC literature - http://www.cid.harvard.edu/archive/hipc/index.html

Jim Anderson said...

anonymous, I'm guessing you meant to put that here.