Jun 26, 2009

move over, oral critique

The digital era has finally arrived--for debate judges. Jeffrey Miller of Georgia Forensics throws down the gauntlet:
When Brandon & I started this website two years ago we had one main goal, we were set on building community and supporting free, open knowledge. I’m taking this one step farther by challenging the judging community across the nation, not just in Georgia, to become better teachers and more responsible judges.

I challenge judges to use some type of website (wikispace, wordpress, blogspot, etc) and post a DETAILED ballot of every round you judge.

The idea was inspired by Michael Antonucci, Lexington & Georgetown Univ. debate coach, last year. He began a blogspot to record all of his ballots & decisions.
So far, three other judges have signed on.

I have a full plate, and can only pack on so many more appetizers, intellectually speaking, but since I'm not only a coach of one team, but an instructor to hundreds of students all over the country, well, why not give it a go?

Though I can't formally promise that I'll type up every single round in detail, I'll take my laptop to every round and post as many as I can. (I'll ask permission of students before doing so, in case they're afraid of being "scouted" by the competition.)

It strikes me as a worthwhile venture, and I hope others will try it as well.

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