May 10, 2009

today's spring cleaning links

The mess in the apartment is contained and certified non-toxic. The mess on my hard drive, in my Google Docs, and in my Firefox bookmarks, though, is overwhelming. I have piles of lessons, handouts, images, links, and random observations, stashed in a "Dump" folder on the desktop (backed up, promise) or clogging up the bookmarks toolbar.

While it was still morning, while the laundry took a bath in the washing machine, while the sun faded into cloud, I sorted through the clutter, taking some links from the junk drawer and tossing them here on the blog.


1. Clear out the cobwebs in your lecturing style.

2. Reorganize your way to a better timed essay.

3. You never know what you'll dig out of the bottom of the history trunk--or how it might get you in trouble.

4. Toy cars, dolls, stuffed animals, and superhero action figures that symbolize America's most salient political debates of the early 21st century.

5. You could always just hide junk by painting it into invisibility.

6. Why did you buy all this stuff anyway?

7.Need the will to get started? Find it nestled in the recesses of your brain.

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