Apr 27, 2009

Olympia School District RIF update: April 27

Due to the potential for changes coming in the anticipated extra legislative session, the RIF has been suspended. The latest email explains:
Passage of a state budget
The legislature passed the state budget on Saturday.  The District is currently reviewing the fiscal impact of that package.  Here’s what we know today:  The Senate budget, which was used to make initial budget projections, would have meant a reduction of $4.2 million in state funds to the Olympia School District.  The final budget appears to reduce state revenues to the Olympia School District by approximately $3 million.  The overall budget shortfall for the District looks closer to $2 million based on complex collections rules regarding local levy funding. 

Passage of a measure allowing districts to lift their local levy cap
The measure allowing school districts to lift their levy lid did not pass prior to the end of session.  This legislation would allow the Olympia School District to collect up to $1.5 million more in voter-approved funds for next school year.   It is possible a special session of the legislature will be called to consider this and other measures.  The OSD will closely monitor any decision to call a special session and the subsequent fiscal impact any new legislation would have.
We have until May 15th for a final RIF decision.

Added: The Bethel School District sent out 220 RIF notices. Ouch.

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