Apr 26, 2009

inside an information sweatshop

Rick Reilly of ESPN sees how much he can make answering questions for ChaCha.
They came as fast as I could answer. I began to sweat. I was Lucy working the chocolate-factory conveyor belt. Questions fell to the floor as my mouth filled with unchewed answers. In a three-fingered bowling ball, which fingers go in the holes? (Jeez, people!) What's the longest cricket game ever? (Couldn't find it.) More sweat. Anyone got a ShamWow? I hit "abort." Bad idea; black mark on my record. Five minutes, no dimes. $0/hour.

I hit "away" under the status bar so I could rest. Next to being Terrell Owens' publicist, there can be no more stressful way to earn a living.

I wasn't a very enthusiastic guide after that. I made $3.80 total and received a quality control rating of 70%. That's a C-minus.
Low hourly wages, no health insurance, high risk of work-related injury. Welcome to the sweatshops of the Information Economy.

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TeacherRefPoet said...

This actually looks like a fun way to earn a little scratch...but not THAT little.