Mar 8, 2009

new free LD resource: The LD Files

UPDATE: the domain has apparently expired, which is most unfortunate.

Geared toward beginners but useful for any LDer, Joe Nusz's The LD Files is a great place to get free advice on LD debate, including the current resolution. Check it out! (I'm adding a link to my sidebar, too.)


Anonymous said...

looked good but you're giving yourself competition!

Jim Anderson said...

I don't mind. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the amount of thinking that goes into all this, so it's nice to remember I'm not the only source of info out there.

ryan said...

It looks like the domain is no longer registered. Do you know if the files have moved to a new location?

Jim Anderson said...

Hmm... that stinks.

Google doesn't show me anything. I couldn't even find a record on (the "Wayback Machine.")

Joe, if you're out there, any help?