Mar 10, 2009

I learned it in Student Congress: part V

On average, five hours of scoring and acting as parliamentarian of Student Congress translates into at least three weeks of education. What, though, are the lessons?

time passes faster than you think
"Go back to World War I. When that ended, the Depression hit."

make up any word you want
"...when scouted by college scouters..."
"...ethnical backgrounds..."
"We can't afford populizing Mars."

algae-farming is a "more better alternative"
"It's probably healthier than harvesting oil."

there's no accounting for taste
"We don't eat algae--at least, I don't."

petroleum gets tired, too
"All the oil is exhaling..."

coal plants don't, in fact, exist
"The electricity, you're just gathering it from the power grid. You don't have to burn anything."

we have heretofore unknown cosmic allies
"If we could join with two or three space countries..."

people can be offended by surprising things
"To 'terraform'--if you don't mind me using that word..."

sometimes the obvious is not so obvious
"Micro-organisms are not quite on the same level as humans."

hope lies around the corner
"Because our world is already crap, we have to find some way to evolve from that."

and finally, believe in what you believe
"I am a believer in firm affirmation of this bill."

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