Mar 29, 2009

Don McLeroy, a Texas-sized embarrassment

"Somebody's got to stand up to experts that are just--I think--I don't know why they're doing it, they're wonderful people, but the fossil record doesn't do it--why take it out, if evolution is so true and has no weaknesses, I can't see any reason for putting it in there, all it does is give them an extra standard to argue for it. Yes, it's hard to stand up to very brilliant, wonderful people."

Wish we could say the same about Don McLeroy. It's tough to find a worse extemporaneous speaker. (Don't worry, it's not impossible, just tough.)

[via Reed Cartwright]

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stidmatt said...

That was so sad. He assumes that we have all the answers right now, which is ridiculous. There are places in science we do not know. If we had all the answers there would be no point in researching anymore, which will probably never happen. If we only had closed ends published in textbooks my biology textbook would be much shorter.

He also repeated himself a lot, if you take out what he repeated he would probably be talking for only three minutes. He also had no quotes, and didn't show any of his "countless diagrams." Pretty sad.