Feb 13, 2009

why do Cold Stone employees sing?

1. Because.

2. Because they have to.

3. Because they want to.

4. Because they love to.

5. Because they are inspired.

6. Because they are demon-possessed.

7. Because they are infected with a musical virus.

8. Because they know that every time a creamster sings, an angel gets its wings.

9. Because they fear that if they stop singing, their souls slowly shrivel and die.

10. Because they hope to precipitate the collapse of the walls, Jericho-like, and march outside into sunlight and freedom, singing all the while, sparking a revolution among the permanent underclass of wage-slaves forced to quite literally sing for their measly supper, until all bound by the shackles of corporate hegemony are united as one in the cause of freedom, equality, justice, and rich buttercream.

[156th in a series]

1 comment:

JJ said...

Ha. The last reason - brilliant. I am going to go to a Coldstone and sing with them (and i don't know the words).