Feb 24, 2009

rhymes to remember the twelve disciples

Sometimes it's easier to remember things that rhyme. Especially important things. (That's why the Pledge of Allegiance is a Shakespearean sonnet, and the Constitution can be sung to the theme of "Green Acres." Never, ever doubt the wisdom of the Founding Fathers.)

So, on to the rhyming list of 12 disciples.

First comes Simon Peter, the Jewish Derek Jeter.
Then follows Andrew, sipping on a tan brew.
James is third. He's the Gospels' biggest nerd.
After him, John, nicknamed "The Leprechaun."
Can't miss Philip, a fan of Pat McKillip.
Sixth is Bartholomew, who waves to wish you all adieu.
Next comes Thomas (as foretold by Nostradamus).
Eighth: James Alphaeus, driving a Prius.
Ninth is Thaddeus. His frown shows how mad he is.
Simon the Cananean brings a jar to keep his brie in.
(Judas Iscariot refuses to carry it.)
Last comes Paul, obsessed with The Fall. (You get half credit if you shouted out "Saul.")

[159th in a series.]

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