Feb 1, 2009

the last analog Super Bowl

...will go to the dynasty instead of the upstart. I don't want it to happen, but the Steelers are going to win, 17-14.

As always, don't bet on sports.

Update: I was a little cautious with the score, but the outcome was as predicted. The Steelers prevailed, barely, in a penalty-racked contest with a stirring finale and, quite possibly, the most coach and booth challenges in Bowl history.


Anonymous said...

Jim, I don't think you are giving the defenses enough credit (or too much credit, in the case of Arizona).

This game is going to be a blowout. 35-10 Steelers

Matthew Anderson said...

Not enough challenges, though. Arizona was robbed--the fact that Warner's "fumble" wasn't reviewed by the booth was criminal.

Jim Anderson said...

The true robbery, from the Cardinals' perspective, was the lack of an "excessive celebration" call on Santonio Holmes' LeBron James tribute. That potentially would've given them much better field position, maybe making the "fumble" (which I'm still uncertain about) unnecessary.

However, what about the Cardinals' O-line on that play? Pittsburgh rushed only three, but the pocket collapsed like a nervous bridegroom.

Matthew Anderson said...

I agree the O-line was pretty terrible, and that Holmes' should have been flagged. However, if I understand the excessive celebration penalty, it's an "after the fact" penalty, which means Pittsburgh would have been docked 15 yards but would have kept the ball.

I think the fact that your uncertain about the "fumble" is evidence enough that it should have been reviewed.

Jim Anderson said...

They would keep the TD, but give up 15 yards field position after the kick. It would've greatly helped the Cardinals' chances.

(I should note that my uncertainty about the "fumble" comes from seeing only one instant replay that looked like a fumble, and relying on blurry YouTube clips for further investigation. But yeah, it shoulda been reviewed.)