Feb 11, 2009

Capital High School closed again

Yesterday's snow load was apparently too much for safe reentry, so CHS is closed until... tomorrow, hopefully. I don't mind too much; I'm still feeling congested, and can use extra grading time, but with all the closures and this recent illness it's been impossible to establish any sort of consistent rhythm over the past month. Midwinter break arrives on Friday, which means two more days off school. After Monday, we'll reboot and try to keep from crashing until Spring Break.

The District, according to our principal, will now ask for 5 days waived instead of 4. Which means I'll have 35 hours and 35 minutes to make up, either working with students or with colleagues. I'm going to see if I can set up a blog or other online forum so, at least for a few of the hours, we can collaborate from home.

I can't decide on whether this calls for a "blargh" or a "whee!"

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