Jan 1, 2009

today's New Year links... and more!

Let's ring in the New Year with a few links and a Cathyism.

The Edge annual question for 2009: "What will change everything?" Plenty to digest as you digest in front of the television.

Washington State welcomes 2009 with a higher minimum wage and free e-cycling.

The TRP's blog turned 1000. He's included a best-of from the previous 500 posts.

After a year of gloomy news, anything good to report? Radley Balko says yes.

We were watching the Nittany Lions lose the Rose Bowl as my older sister Cathy shared with me some "strange" answers from a crossword-esque puzzle she had been working on. "Did you know that 'shiftbess' means lazy?" she asked me.

No, I didn't. Other wrong answers included:

"Herrint," a food fish.

"Bandanne," a colorful handkerchief.

"Ephemetal," short-lived.

And I'm spending all weekend with family. "The most wonderful family," Mom says. More juicy quotes, guaranteed.

Happy New Year, everybody.

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