Jan 29, 2009

listen to my advice

1. It's good.
2. It's often free.
3. It comes backed with the best warranty in the business.
4. It's honest.
5. It's safe.
6. It's delivered in a nonjudgmental manner.
7. It's friendly.

Seriously: listen to my advice. But first, listen.

Your most valuable adjective should be "coachable." Especially if I am the coach.

1 comment:

TeacherRefPoet said...

Testify, brother. I've had a spate of students lately who I've said "Hey! This is good! We're only a few days away from the meet, so let's work on delivery and see what the judges say!" Then, when I see them the morning of the meet, they say "I didn't like it, so I changed the whole thing, so it's not quite memorized." Grrrr.