Jan 5, 2009

the joys of apartment living

We recently moved downstairs to a larger place, and have started to discover its charms--and flaws. Two photos, with concomitant anecdotes.

Last night our new downstairs neighbors decided to celebrate the departure of snow by lighting a fire. Apparently their chimney vents straight into our living room. Internet shopping addicts will instantly recognize the logo on the highly sophisticated smoke-blocking device.

I silently thought to myself, Shouldn't you unplug it or switch off the breaker?, but the maintenance guy seemed pretty confident that he could quickly replace a dead burner light. Turns out the light was just disconnected. As he went to reattach it, I heard a whump and saw a flash out of the corner of my eye. No injuries, just a shorted out switch. "I shoulda known better," said the maintenance guy. The burn mark cleaned off just fine.

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