Dec 22, 2008

I've got your schadenfreude right here

On the heels of the Jets' magnificently stupid loss to the Seahawks, sportswriters east of here are calling for the thick head of Eric Mangini. A sampling follows.

Will Leitch:
Sure, the Jets still have a chance to make the playoffs, though it’s not much more of a chance than the 0–15 Detroit Lions have. They need to beat Pennington and the Dolphins in the Meadowlands, and they have to hope that the Patriots lose to the Bills AND the Baltimore Ravens lose to the Jacksonville Jaguars. This is extremely unlikely. It is more likely that the Jets, facing a tumultuous off-season, are going to look even more different next year than they did after all the changes this year. This team is over. Eric Mangini is likely over. And Brett Favre is almost certainly over.
Rich Cimini:
It was one of the Jets' worst losses ever, and it is THE worst collapse in team history - assuming they don't make the playoffs. Does anybody think they'll beat Chad Pennington?

From talking to players after the game, they're demoralized, confused, angry and emotionally drained.

They're Jets. It's what they do. It's how they roll.
Mackenzie Kraemer:
I've defended to the death that "Same Old Jets" is gone. But I now understand a lot of what older fans see when they watch the Jets play. The collapse this season is high in the pantheon in great Jet disappointments.
Bob Glauber:
After yesterday's pathetic outing against the Seahawks and his old coach, Mike Holmgren, this much is certain: Favre is done after this year. Kaput. If the Jets ask him back after this late-season meltdown, they're even wackier than I thought. Barring a playoff berth and at least two postseason wins, Favre is at the end.

Mangini should be, too, especially if at this time next week, the Jets are putting their equipment in black plastic bags and explaining how it all went so horribly wrong.

If Mangini doesn't get to the playoffs, the Jets need to show him the door. No excuses. No explanations. He was on board with the Favre decision, and he must pay the price if the collapse is completed next week.
I'm a Seattle sports fan. Schadenfreude's all I've got.

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