Dec 7, 2008

ignorance of the law is no excuse

Rick Reilly gives Donovan McNabb--who didn't know an NFL game could end in a tie--a little revenge by quizzing other (equally clueless) NFL players on some of the more obscure rules in the canon. A sample:
Q: If a punt is in the air while the game clock expires and the receiver signals and makes a fair catch, is the game over?
  • Danny Clark, LB, Giants: "Yes."
  • [Sam] Madison: "Yes."
  • Damon Huard, QB, Chiefs: "If the punter touched it, then the game is over."
  • Ray Rice, RB, Ravens: "Yes."
  • [Calvin] Pace: "Yes. It's an untimed play, isn't it?"
For the answer, read the whole thing.

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