Dec 21, 2008

and jam we did

Last night we--the Mike Dean Project, soon to be known as Diva and the Snow Men--played a wedding gig at the Elks Lodge in Aberdeen. The snow cut everything short, unfortunately, turning what could have been a glorious bacchanal of epic proportions into a quiet meditation on love and mortality, with dancing.

The manager of the place made our collective evening when, as we started packing up our gear, she asked if we'd like a plate of hot chicken strips. As we contemplated our ride home through sleet and snow, we immediately agreed that if we were going to perish in a blizzard, we might as well die happily.

But I exaggerate, of course. The Suburban struggled only a little through the onslaught.

Every teacher should have one.

No Elks Lodge is complete without elk antlers and dropped consonants.

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Matthew Anderson said...

I was in that Elks lodge once, to say "thanks" for giving me a scholarship. It was a weird experience which I had completely forgotten until I read your post. And people wonder what blogging is good for!