Nov 11, 2008

the social networking public forum resolution

Although I spend most of my debate-blogging examining Lincoln-Douglas resolutions, I'd like to point out a worthy starting point for your consideration of the December Public Forum resolution. Blog neighbor TRP has an insightful post asking some questions that get to the heart of the issue, at least philosophically speaking.
The Big Question On Which I Think The Debate Hinges: what have we lost by surrendering place-based communities for interest-based ones? What have we gained? Is it a net loss or a net gain? If we believe--and I do--that talking to smart friends who disagree with you is the best way to grow, do social networking groups do that as effectively as Putnam's dearly-departed bowling leagues???
Check it out, and join the conversation.

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CJ said...


Would losing face-to-face conversations be a loss? And how about the fact that there are pedophiles using the social networking system to solicit young children (who, in my opinion, shouldn't have a networking profile without adult supervision in the first place).

Though on the bright side, more nations have connected through the networking systems...